Novice Driver are High Risk

It is important that new drivers recognize the limitations of their driving skills. Driver training is an important way for inexperienced drivers to gain some of that experience.

The fact is, the more distractions you allow while you drive, the greater your exposure to the risk of a collision causing potential death. These rules apply to drivers at every level of skill and experience and there are not exceptions.. Distractions must be minimized while driving to ensure safety to the driver their passengers and others on our roadways.

Driver Training School and Experience

It is very crucial to understand that the most dangerous time for Teen drivers are the first few years on Canada’s roadways.

In reality, Teenage drivers have substantially higher crash rates than adults. Some of the most common factors of such high crash rates are inexperience, immaturity, speeding, driver distraction and improperly taught driver training.

Lifeline Offers Specialized Services

How to manage and reduce driver distraction.
Our distracted driving segments test student skills on one –way streets.

Freeway Driving
Ontario Highway traffic law states, that no G1 driver can drive on any highway over 80 km unless accompanied by a qualified driving instructor. However, it is permitted for a G2 driver to drive on the freeway without any previous experience.
Here at Lifeline we insist on teaching freeway driving as part of Lifeline’s curriculum.